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HBCTC Winter 400
July  6th & 7th


Event Information


FITASC Universal Trench 150 - Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th, 75 targets per day + Shoot offs Sunday

Entry - $122



FITASC Compak 150 - Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th, 75 targets per day + Shoot offs Sunday

Entry - $119



Ball Trap 100 -Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th ,50 target per day, to be shot when fits in with your UT and/or compak, as these take timing priority.

Entry - $55


Automatic entry for those entering both UT and Compak


A one off, full weekend, compulsory fee for NZCTA levies and ground fees of $18 is payable in addition to entry fee(s) above

Amazing Sponsors

As with any event we could do this with out our amazing sponsors, so please support them where possible.

River to Ranges Hawkes Bay- Associate naming right's

Pirtek Hawkes Bay- Ball Trap 100 target match

Kilwell- the amazing array of vouchers across the UT & Compak events.

Fiocchi-for the ammunition across the UT event

Good B@$tard Anonymous - Venison steak buns for lunch both days for all.

UT AND COMPAK MATCHES SHALL AWARD 1st-3rd ‘OFF THE GUN’ WINNERS, AND 1st-10th ‘HANDICAP’ WINNERS OFF THE GUN - Gold/Silver/Bronze to top three outright scores. Ties shoot off to discipline rules.
HANDICAP - by targets in. Awarding 1st to 10th places. Targets in are based on recorded Universal and Compak percentages for the respective UT and Compak events. Ties shoot off. Targets in are calculated over full match, and any targets above possible score are carried over into shoot offs. Once any carried over targets are exhausted, shoot offs are first miss & out.

Shooters without a rule off in the relevant discipline are welcome and encouraged to enter where a starting Handicap shall be determined off known ability in other disciplines.


OFF THE GUN - Winners in all FITASC individual categories in UT acknowledged and awarded with Kilwell vouchers.


OFF THE GUN -. Top score from two matches of weekend presented with sash and $300 Kilwell voucher (If two or more shooters finish on an equal score, then a shoot off shall be conducted over 10 targets of Compak + 10 targets of Universal Trench, with a result determined after the 20 targets have been completed. If no results is achieved then the shoot off will be repeated.)


HANDICAP - (by targets in combined totals). Top handicap adjusted score from two matches of weekend presented with sash and $300 Kilwell voucher. (If two or more shooters finish with an equal score below 300 (sum of their handicap adjusted event scores) then a scratch (no targets in) shoot off as described above shall be conducted. If two or more shooters reach 300 or more on their handicap adjusted sum, then the shoot off shall be conducted, with targets in applied to the total shoot off score out of 20. This shoot off may be run in conjunction with the Overall High Gun shoot off.)

Match 3-Ball Trap 100 target match. No Sweeps

No sweeps, Guarnteed $600 cash prize pool spilt across grades and the HOA. If two or more shooters on same scores across the HOA or top three in grade, then a shoot off will take place, first tagged dropped out until a winner is found. (sweeps are built into the entry fee).



$4,000+ in Kilwell Vouchers presented to winners and place getters in UT & Compak matches and High Guns.

Plus over $1,200 value of Fiocchi ammunition presented to winners and place getters in UT.

(prize pool is guaranteed)


Organisers reserve the right to adjust program and details if required.​

Handicap System-Explained

Over a number of years it has been observed that one way to get people in the winners circle was to come up with a system that put everyone on the same playing field, similar to handicap by distance in DTL.

So it works by based on your discipline graded percentage a number of targets are allocated to your score, in the same manner of a golf handicap.

The system may not be perfect, but it has enable the prize pool to be won by those new to the sport and also those that are old hands at it.

Universal Trench Targets in work out                                          Compak Targets in work out



UT practice will be available at the club from 12pm on Friday 5th July. Pay directly to club office for practice.

Ammunition is available for purchase from the club.

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